ZR2: The Offroad King

Off-roading has been a passion for many vehicle lovers throughout the decades and continues to grow in popularity. Off-roading is a way to enjoy nature as well as ease a bit of stress. It seems that most every automaker has come out with their own version of an off-road rig. Chevrolet has long utilized the Z71 name for their off-road package, but has now has gone a step further with the ZR2 package available in the Colorado.

orange Colorado ZR2

some serious suspension

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is certainly equipped to tackle some serious terrain with features you don’t find on daily driven trucks. There are many aspects of the ZR2 that will stand out to hardcore offroad enthusiasts. The suspension is the first feature of the ZR2 that is easily notable due to its wide stance and 2 inches of lift. The truck is outfitted with a number of upgrades to aid its performance out on the trails. The truck is outfitted with improvements such as taller springs, extended control arms, and larger springs to allow for more flex when maneuvering over obstacles. What is really interesting are the electronic locking differentials in both the front and rear of the truck. The locking differentials allow for maximum traction because the power is distributed to all wheels rather than traditional four-wheel drive. With the use of locking differentials, the truck will be able to maneuver over obstacles on a level of ease with minimal wheelspin.

brown 1970 Camaro driving down the road

plenty of power

The ZR2 has a unique off-road feature that improves handling performance. The shocks are specially outfitted with dampers that allow for more piston travel to provide much smoother impacts. You can tune the shocks to three different levels including a daily driving setting for pavement use.
When looking at the powertrain of the Colorado, there are two engine options to consider, gas or diesel. The gas option is the standard 3.6 liter engine that is found in most other Colorado packages that offers a Best-in-Class 308 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. The high horsepower rating allows for a Best-in-Class towing capacity coming in at an impressive 7,000 pounds, so you’ll have no problems towing the family campe or your trailer full of toys. Fuel economy numbers are reasonable for the Colorado with 18 mpg city/25 mpg highway.

White Chevy Colorado offroad

diesel power

There are a number of car manufacturers that offer a diesel engine in their lineup, and the Colorado is no exception.The ZR2 offers an available 2.8 liter turbo diesel Duramax. The legendary Duramax has proved itself to be a workhorse, and the 2.8L turbo diesel further backs that reputation. It clears multiple categories of Best-in-Class including torque, towing capacity, and best in class fuel economy. A diesel engine is known for its torque, and the Best-in-Class torque of the Duramax comes in at 369 lb-ft, where horsepower is a bit lower with 181 hp.

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