Why We Are Thankful For The Cars We Drive

It is no secret that working at a car dealership, you should know a little about cars. However, some of us take it a bit further and have a true passion for anything automotive. We all have our brands of choice and different reasons to drive them, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we decided to share why we are thankful for our vehicles.

The Jeep Guy Joe

For anyone who knows me, Jeeps are my brand of choice. I personally drive a 2010 Grand Cherokee along with a 2005 Wrangler TJ. But why am I thankful for these vehicles? The main reason is they always get me from point A to point B safely. Whether that is down a dirt trail, or 500 miles away in a different time zone, I know that my cars can get me and anything I need there. I am also thankful for the memories and joy they have brought me. I have learned so much by modifying my Wrangler to take off road, along with the seeming endless summers of driving with no doors or roof.

2019 Subaru Crosstrek Blind Spot monitoring

Endless Chevy Cody

There are many reasons why I am thankful for my Chevrolet Silverado. First off, I would have to say the dependability is my number one. Being able to hop in my truck (which currently has over 231,000 miles) every day and know it is going to start up and get where I need to go without any issues is a reassuring feeling. The power is also great. Having the power and rumble of the V8 is what makes the truck complete. Nothing like the rumble but what I really appreciate is the towing capacity. For the most part I can tow or haul anything I need. Lastly, I would have to say I love the ease of working on the truck. Most everything is easy to get to and work on, so replacing parts is no big deal. Also since the truck is common and shares parts with the Tahoe and other GM vehicles, parts are cheap and easily attainable.

2019 Subaru Crosstrek With yellow and green kayaks

Josh The Subaru Dude

My personal vehicle brand of choice is Subaru and I’m grateful to have a car that fits my lifestyle so perfectly. Some people grew up idolizing the vehicles their father or grandfather drove but that isn’t the case here. My vehicle of choice for many years was a 2004 Subaru WRX wagon. It had plenty of power so it was fun to drive, even more fun to drive in the snow and do donuts in – and it was fairly fuel efficient. I was able to drive from Boston to the White Mountains in the middle of a snowstorm and not think anything of Because I’m always planning on doing something outdoors after work or on the weekends I need something I can store my belongings in and know they won’t get stolen. Now I have two Subaru Outbacks. Both of them are great for storing things in and on top of. The newer one even came with a roof rack built into the vehicle which is incredibly convenient. And I know when it starts to snow not only will I be able to get from point A to point B comfortably in whichever car I’m in – I’ll be able to do that and have fun while I’m driving – with all of my snowboard equipment resting quietly in the trunk.

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