VIN Number

What Can A Vehicle Vin Number Tell Me?

I bet you don’t give much thought to VIN number. You know, that long number at the corner of your windshield? It is a group of numbers and letters put together that is specific to your vehicle, and your vehicle only. You can consider it your vehicle’s identification tag. Yeah it is just a bunch of numbers and letters, but you may be surprised to know that can tell you a lot of valuable information. It can be found in a few other locations in addition to the windshield. If you know how to read the VIN it may help you in the long run when purchasing the right vehicle.

Vin Number Recognition

Where Can I Find It?

Most of the time you will find the VIN number located at the bottom of the front windshield. This will be the most common location that your mechanic or dealer may look at to identify your vehicle. There are a few other places you can find the VIN. Yes, they should all match. The second common location will be located on the front of the engine block. It will be stamped directly on the block. If you open your driver’s side door you will find the next one right on the door jam. There will be additional useful information that will accompany the VIN such as gross vehicle weight and recommended tire psi. Lastly, you can find it on the front end of the frame, although that is mostly on older vehicles.


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