The Peril of Parallel Parking

Buying a new car is one of the most expensive and rewarding purchases you will ever make. With buying a new car comes many joyous moments but a few moments that will break your heart.

Car Wheel with Curb Damage


My first heartbreak with my new vehicle was not even my fault, but at the hands of a granite curb and a sibling borrowing my new car. One downside to parallel parking is the balancing act of watching oncoming traffic, the back of the car, the front of the car, surrounding cars, and looking like you know what you are doing to passerbys. Unfortunately, that careful symphony of driving far too often skips a step. In this case, the brunt of the fall was in the form of a curbed rim on a cliff of a curb that the city of Boston loves to use. Thankfully, although I was initially heartbroken, the rim was an easy repair and within no time my new car went from junkyard queen to showroom queen.

Honda Civic With Damage to Rear Bumper

Bumper Cars

The next heartbreak comes once again at the hands of another careless driver. Even though you exercise extreme caution to park your car exactly in the middle of the two surrounding cars, and took extra care to not bump them, some drivers do not share the same passion. In the time you went into the store, the car behind you left and a new car appeared. Unfortunately, the driver of the other car thinks they drive a tank and prefers the bump and feel method of parking, leaving your brand new bumper with two perfect screw sized holes from their front plate.

2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid


Now here is the good news, there are methods to protect your brand new ride. The first are products such as a Bumper Bully to protect from careless bump and go drivers. The next product you can invest in is a front and rear dash cam. Although we would like to hope people are honest and accidents happen, but in case you come out to a damaged car with no note, there may be hope with a dash cam. Now if all else fails, and you curb a rim, stop by any Quirk Service or check out to get the best prices on factory OEM parts.

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