The History of the Volkswagen Beetle

With the recent news of the final production year of the Volkswagen Bug/Beetle, we figured we would give a brief history of our favorite adorable car!

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The Humble Beginning

Although we all love the cute little Beetle, it does have a shady past. As most of us know, the VW Beetle was designed and thought up by Adolf Hitler 1934 to become a car for the people. It was designed to be a cheap, easy to work on, and could fit the whole family. This is something that it did very well. But to design it, Hitler brought in the help of Porsche. But as soon as the first few models of the new VW Bug where released, WWII started and the factory was shut down for the war effort.

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Post War Efforts

After WWII, Germany was in no shape to be manufacturing cars, and the plans for the little Beatle where put up for auction, however, no one really wanted it. So the plans remained in the Germans hands. After a failed attempt to unload the plans, Germany decided to rebuild the factory and continue to building the Bug in the renamed town of Wolfsburg.

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US Market

Once the Beetle started to sell, Volkswagen attempted to bring it over to the US but it was not widely accepted by dealers. In fact it took until 1950 for a few dealerships to sell the Beatle. Once it was in the market, it sold like crazy. In fact, it started a movement! The reason why it sold, is it was cheap to buy, cheap to fix, and cheap to run.

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Icon is Born

Then came the 60’s and 70’s, and the Beetle took on more than it was originally designed to do. Companies started realizing the you could take the body off and create a fiberglass tub on the chassis. This is when the Dune Buggy was born and the classic surfer vehicle.

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Whats Next

The Beetle over the year has not changed shape all the much, and there is a reason for that. In 1998, VW redesigned the classic bug to a modern curvy cutie which brought the bug to the modern market. With the success, VW redesigned the Bug once again in 2012 to the current model we know. Unfortunately, after nearly 73 years, the VW Beetle will be in its final production year in 2019.

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