The History Behind SRT

With the release of the Hellcat and the Demon, a new fascination with SRT has been awoken. So, what is SRT and what does it stand for? In the automotive world, SRT stands for Street & Racing Technology and in short terms, its Dodges Go Fast Team.

1996 Dodge Viper ACR

Rapid Transit

So, where did the Rapid Transit System end and SRT team begin. In the 1990’s, Dodge started the SRT Team with the introduction of the Viper. The Plymouth brand would later join with the design and release of the Prowler. As time went on, Dodge and Plymouth started adding the SRT Badge to a large variety of vehicles as a sportier trim level of market cars. Often, they would shove a larger V8 into a car and slap a SRT8 Badge on it.

2019 Kia Sorento Safety Feature

Modern SRT

Now, in recent years, SRT has unleashed the beast. With Dodge creating some amazing future classics, the Street & Racing Team does not have to do much to get people’s attention, which is where the the SRT Challenger, Charger, Durango, and Grand Cherokee come into play. With larger V8 and aggressive body styling, The SRT lineup is a force to not be reckoned with.

Hellcat Supercharger

Forced Induction

But, with the monster V8s, how can SRT possibly improve on their line up. Well quite simply put, FORCED INDUCTION. In the case of the Dodge Hellcat, SRT slammed a 2.4L on top of a 6.2L V8. This makes a beast of a car with 707 HP. But SRT likes to copy their own work a bit, which in this case we love. For example, SRT slammed the same motor in the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, Challenger Hellcat, and Charger Hellcat.

Jeremy Clarkson More Power Meme

Never Enough Power

But as classic motor heads, there is never enough power in a car,so SRT did what we would expect from them and created a 808hp beast called the Demon. Now if you want to learn more about the SRT Demon, check out our other blog post specifically about the Demon.

2015 Charger under camoflage=

Whats Next?

So, what is on the drawing board for SRT? Lets just hope and pray that it is something amazing. They have not let us down with the last few models, so lets hope we see more and more impressive vehicles. Now to contradict my prior statement of never enough power, SRT is running into an issue where an off the lot car is only capable of so much power before it becomes unsafe.

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