The Easter Eggs of Jeep

The Quirky Side Of Jeep

For years, Jeep has always had its fun little quirks. From being able to legally take the doors off a Wrangler to a spider climbing into the gas tank of the Renegade! Without giving away to many of them, we are going to show you a few of the clever design factors that FCA has let wild in the Jeep brand!

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Starting Simple

When you look around newer Jeeps, the infamous Jeep grill logo throughout. For example, the Wrangler is adorned with the badge on the windshield above the mirror. Another prime example of Jeep using their logo secretly is the headlights and taillights of the Jeep Renegade.

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Military History

Going back to there roots of the Willys, FCA incorporated the classics Willys into the windshields of a variety of vehicles including the Renegade, Grand Cherokee,Wrangler, and Cherokee. To stay with the theme, the “Since 1941” is scattered about to remind drivers of the deep history of the company.

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Quirky Gems

Ok, so the design team at FCA may have fun every once and a while and we have proof. For all of those with arachnophobia, be warned, the Jeep Renegade has a surprise friendly spider waiting to keep you company at the pump. And for our conspiracy theorist out there, Jeep has place a few mythical creatures on the rear windows to ward of unwanted tailgaters.

Like I said, I only mentioned a few of the hidden gems of the Jeep design team, but there are plenty more to be discovered. Next time you get in a Jeep, take a look around to see what you can find. If you want, come down to any Quirk Jeep Dealer to have a look for yourself!

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