The Dodge Demon, The Ultimate example of One Upmanship

The Ultimate example of One Upmanship

In a world where car manufacturers are aiming for best MPG and crash test ratings, On company went rouge. One company decided to be the savior all of us car guys and gals needed for modern 4 cylinder econoboxes. We wanted pure, deafening, and undeniable power of a V8. We don’t want MPG, we want HP… and a lot of it! From the same people who brought us the winged Daytona in 1970, Dodge has struck power again with the SRT Hellcat!

Green Dodge Challenger

What Started It

So, Dodge has this little vehicle called the Challenger, It’s pretty cool. It has a V8, rear wheel drive, aggressive styling, and a name that brings us all back to the 70’s. You can even get it in crazy colors like Plum Crazy, and Go Mango. Sounds like the perfect vehicle, does it not. What if I told you that some engineer at Mopar who may have gone a little crazy and decided to see what would happen if you stuck a 2.4L supercharger on top of a 6.2L Hemi! To put the size of the supercharger into perspective, my first car had a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine. The answer to this mad scientist was a 707 HP beast of a car and motor which would put down 10s in the ¼ Mile stock!

Red Dodge Challenger SRT

Our Savior

But, that was 2015 and we want more! With Chevrolet producing the ZR1 Corvette and even the Ford GT coming in close with ¼ mile times, Dodge needed more power. But how? I can only imagine that the conversation started with a few Mopar designers playing with the numbers on the dyno and there were major limiting mechanical factors. So, don’t change the motor displacement, change the supercharger displacement! Dodge changed the 2.4L supercharger with a 2.7L supercharger! With all that added air, the new motor put out a nice and even 808 HP.

Red Demon on Drag Strip

The Demon

Now, the original Hellcat had some amazing times, and the new car had some big shoes to fill. And let me tell you, in my opinion, the Dodge Demon may need even larger shoes! Let’s just start a really quick checklist of the Demons accomplishments,

>Highest Horsepower of any Production Car

>Highest G-Force by a Production Car

>First Wheelie by a Production Car

>Fastest 0-60 Time of a Production Car

>Fastest ¼ Mile Time of a Production Car

Let’s take a step back, and really take a second to think about what we just read. The Bugatti Veyron is a production car that costs $1.6 Million, and the Demon is faster in the ¼ Mile!

Viper and Demon at Barrett Jackson

Last Chance

There is one sad thing about the insane Dodge Demon, and that is a limited production run. Oh and another sad thing, that production run is over. Dodge produced a total 3,300 Demons (3,000 for the US market and 300 for the Canadian market). But you still have a chance to buy a brand new Demon, and that is at the Barrett Jackson Auction!

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