Take a Tour Back in Time with a Drive-In Movie!


Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Need a great way to take the whole family out? Head to the drive-is! Now I know you’re thinking, “that’s so 1950’s”. Listen, Drive-In movies are still AWESOME. You just have to do it right! You’ll only need a few things to make the drive-ins a hit with the whole family.

First, you need a vehicle: Any vehicle! You can have an awesome set up in a van, pickup truck, sedan, or SUV. I promise! Next, you’ll need some Folding Chairs. You could just sit in the bed of the truck or lay in the back of a van or SUV but with a Sedan, you’ll need the seats. So grab yourself a couple of folding camp chairs or even beach chairs are perfect for seating. Also, make sure you have a citronella Candle, can of Bug Spray, or screen tent gazebo. The bugs are vicious at the drive-ins, but they are easily kept at bay! Bring plenty of blankets and pillows. Pillows for the inside of the car and blankets to ensure you stay nice and warm. When the sun goes down, the temperature has the potential to drop. You could also put them on the ground and lay down and look up at the screen!Drive-in set up

Trackhawk Interior

No movie trip is essential without snacks! Most drive-ins have snack bars, but like other theatres, can be pricey! Get boxed candy and popcorn from the dollar store! Also get some drinks, but avoid alcohol as you are driving! Finally, make sure to bring a boom box with batteries. You really don’t want to play your car stereo through the length of the movie because it might die and then you’ll be stranded. Also, they don’t have the hang speakers like back in the day. Just get a radio with batteries and you’re good to go.

That’s it! Pile the family in the car and drive yourself down memory lane and see your favorite feature! But…but…but…What if there isn’t a movie theatre near us? True. There aren’t a lot of drive-in movie theatres around. But don’t fret, you can just make a drive-in type movie in your own backyard!

You will need:
A movie of your choice, white sheet, projector, laptop, power supply, and everything above except the car! Set up your sheet and get it as taut as you can! Set up the projector so the projection matches the sheet! Now, just get the kids outside and you are ready for your own movie! And the bathrooms are right there!

Hell Kitty Engine

You’re all set! Enjoy your movie- whether your drive-in or stay-in. Have a great rest of your summer!

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