7 Secrets for Preparing Your Car for Ice and Snow

Only in New England is it 65 and sunny one day and then snowing the next. The weather is pretty unpredictable but you need be ready for when those changes happen. We’re here to help you do that, so here are the 7 steps to prepare your car for ice and snow.   1. Check the tires Your tire tread needs to be ready to handle the wet and snow covered roads. You need to ensure they aren’t bald. Also, since we live in a New England, a great thing to have is snow tires. The snow tires have deeper ….

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Seven Accessories All Athletes Need In Their Car

Whether you’re a mom taking your child to dance class, a late night beer leaguer, Sunday night softball player, or high school varsity athlete- Cars for athletes are a second homes and sometimes you’ll need some accessories to keep that home ready for the next game/match/recital!     Aux Cord Get the atmosphere going for pre-game. Athletes love getting into game ready mode and music is a really important part of it. Also, an after victory dance party is extremely appropriate. So Grab the aux cord and plug in the tunes.     Car Charger Keep connected with a simple car charger. ….

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savings at the pump

6 Tips to Squeeze out Savings at the Pump

According to US News, Gas prices reached a peak $2.41 this summer. As the summer winds down, the price will too. But if you’re in tight financial pinch, you’ll want to save money anywhere you can. Well my frugal friends, there is hope- you can squeeze some money at the pump.   Handy-Dandy Smart Phone: It goes everywhere with you, pull it out and cruise some apps for gas stations- in the IPhone App store the first 3 are Gas Buddy, Fuelzee, and Gas Guru. Each of these will help you find the cheapest gas near you, all with slightly ….

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