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Spring Cleaning For Your Car

It’s spring time, which means it is time for the annual spring cleaning. Now most people will take a quick trip around the house and clean places they usually avoid, or even cleaning up the yard. But, most often forget to look at their car when it comes time for spring cleaning. In my opinion, your car takes the biggest beating during the winter. From cold and wet weather, to salt, and even the occasional pot hole. So, lets go over what you should make sure to check every spring! Give It A Good Wash The first thing you want ….

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Seven Accessories All Athletes Need In Their Car

Whether you’re a mom taking your child to dance class, a late night beer leaguer, Sunday night softball player, or high school varsity athlete- Cars for athletes are a second homes and sometimes you’ll need some accessories to keep that home ready for the next game/match/recital!     Aux Cord Get the atmosphere going for pre-game. Athletes love getting into game ready mode and music is a really important part of it. Also, an after victory dance party is extremely appropriate. So Grab the aux cord and plug in the tunes.     Car Charger Keep connected with a simple car charger. ….

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