savings at the pump

6 Tips to Squeeze out Savings at the Pump

According to US News, Gas prices reached a peak $2.41 this summer. As the summer winds down, the price will too. But if you’re in tight financial pinch, you’ll want to save money anywhere you can. Well my frugal friends, there is hope- you can squeeze some money at the pump.   Handy-Dandy Smart Phone: It goes everywhere with you, pull it out and cruise some apps for gas stations- in the IPhone App store the first 3 are Gas Buddy, Fuelzee, and Gas Guru. Each of these will help you find the cheapest gas near you, all with slightly ….

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8 Spring Car Cleaning Tips, Get You & Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

Spring is the time of year that everything is starting over. The flowers and the trees are in bloom, the grass is poking up from beneath the snow and slush and the birds are building their new nests for the year. Many people view this season as the one to get rid of old things and clean the things they still need. Spring cleaning is very common in people’s homes, but what about their cars? Cars can get dirty inside and out throughout the year and especially during the winter months with all of the snow, salt, and cold weather. ….

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