Shark Week Cars Of History

Ever since the premier of the movie jaws in 1975, the world has been infatuated with Sharks. And with Shark Week upon us, we figured what better way to celebrate than to share some of the historical shark themed vehicles! So take a break from watching the feeding frenzy of sharks, and check out what these crazy automotive designers had created!

generation 1 camaro

1961 Mako Shark Corvette

With the sales of the corvettes doing well, the designers were starting to get a bit creative with the drawings. One designer in particular had a crazy idea after a fishing trip in Florida where he caught a Mako Shark. And since this unnamed gentleman was the VP of Styling at GM, he was able to convince someone to create what we now know as the 1961 Mako Shark Corvette. It was tested with a wide variety of engines from a fuel injected V8 to a Supercharged V8.

Mako II with Mako I by waterway

1695 Mako II

A few years later, the original design did not die. The designer must have gone on a trip down memory lane of the massive Mako he had caught a few years prior and said, we need another Mako! In similar fashion to the original Mako, the Mako II was designed to resemble the new model of Corvette, but with some slight design variations including a longer nose cone and tail. It also had a monster 427 Big Block V8 under the hood, which would give this puppy 425 hp to the crank!

gen 3 Camaro white

1998 Chevy Blazer Shark Edition

It seems like someone at Chevy has an infatuation with sharks and naming concept vehicles after them. In 1998, Chevy announced the S-10 Blazer Shark concept. It seems to be a combination of the original blazers mixed with the later model S10 Blazers. It featured a 2 door blazer front end with a removable convertible back.

brown 1970 Camaro driving down the road

2012 VW Bug Shark Cage Car

Now, to end our list, we figured we would find a car that was intended for one purpose only, and that is Shark Week. A group of engineers and scientists got together to make what may be the craziest vehicle on our list. VW created a shark tank to mimic the the shape and style of a VW Bug. The coolest thing about this vehicle is it actually moves, with 2 propellers on the back.

Now, I lied to you. The coolest thing is that the very next year, VW chopped the top and created a convertible. Now personally, I am not sure why they would want a convertible shark tank, but they did and it is awesome!

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