Ram Multifunction Tailgate

Ram Multifunction tailgate

If you have been paying attention to the truck market in recent years, you will notice it has been a highly competitve space. Each truck company coming out with the next new innovation makes for great competition and even better trucks. Its all about making trucks more appealing, functional, and capable. The current focus in the truck market seems to be, out of all things, the tailgate. Modern pickups seem to be more luxurious than hard working, but there are those that still put them to work harder than ever. Ram has officially introduced their lastest hi-tech version of the modern tailgate known as the Ram Mulitfunction tailgate.

Ram Multifunction Tailgate

Simplicity is key

A few other comapnies have constructed their own version of the modern tailgate, while some are simplier than others. Ram decided to go with the simple approach with their Multifunction Tailgate. Other tailgates in the industry have a lot of moving parts and handles. With Ram’s simplicity, it may prove to be stronger and more intuitve to use. The Multifunction Tailgate will be available on all trim packages of the Ram truck including the Limited, Laramie, LongHorn, Rebel, Laramie BigHorn, and Tradesman.

Ram Multifunction tailgate outdoors

Features & Specs

The main feature on the all-new tailgate is the 60-40 split design. What this means is that the tailgate is split into two sections, but not equally like you might see on early 90’s SUVs with the barn door style rear gate. This will allow the owner to open one door at a time to create room for those extra long loads. Each of the doors are capable of opening 88 degrees to allow near perfect access to items located within the truck bed. You will be able to access items inside the bed much further without the tailgate limited your reach. Another example would be loading pallets from a machine such as a forklift. The machine will be able to get the pallet further in the bed safer for more reliable trasport. The new tailgate has some great features, but it doesn’t take away from the standard usability. The standard drop and life isn’t compromised. You may even be pleased to know that the load rating on the tailgate when it is in the dropped down, flat position is 2,000 lbs. Great news for those whose intentions are to truly put the Ram to work.

ram Multifunction tailgate and Rambox

Additional Features

A number of other features exist within the Ram pickup truck bed such as the Rambox that is loackable, weather tight, and just the perfect location to store your extra belongings that you want to keep out of sight. You may also find that the 115-volt, 400 watt power socket located in the bed is a great addition to any worksite. The perfect compliment to the Multifunction Tailgate that a truck owner cannot go without is the available rear center step for making loading and unloading even easier.

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