Quirks Fido Friendly Vehicles

Quirk’s 12 Fido-Friendly Vehicles

sleep pupWhen it comes to your dog, they aren’t just a pet, they are a member of your family.  You want to ensure your family is safe and secure in your vehicle at all times. Auto Trader did their research on their top 7 choices for the best cars for Fido. But here at Quirk Auto Dealers, using their criteria for what makes the best dog friendly car, we have come up with the top 12 Quirk choices for the Fido friendly ride. 

The Auto Trader criterion is as follows:

  • “A rear lift-gate”: This allows Rover to easily get in and out of the car with ease and also makes it easier for you to load the pet carriers and crates.
  • “Fold-flat Seats”: This will create a spacious area for Spot to sit or lie down, it also helps keep your seats clear of fur and scratches.
  • “An airy cabin”: tall and large dogs will especially enjoy being able to stretch out.
  • “Rear cargo-attachment ringlets”: You will be able to tie down crates to prevent sliding.
  • “A containment barrier/divider”: This will keep your dog from distracting you while driving, especially from jumping into the front seat.
  • “A low ride height”: Fido won’t be a young pup forever, it’ll make it easy for them to get in and out.
  • “A Sunroof”: It isn’t safe for Spot to stick his head out the window, so this will ensure there is still fresh air and sunlight coming in.
  • “ Rear climate control”: To ensure Fido and cool and comfortable in any weather during the road trip
  • “Underfloor storage”:  provides storage for you and more space for Fido

Now that you know the criteria, here is the Quirk list of the top 10 Fido Friendly vehicles:


1. Subaru Outback*

Quirk Subaru


✔ Rear Power Lift-gate with memory height
✔ 60/40 Rear Folding Seat
✔ Has 143. 6 cubic feet of interior room
✔ Power Sunroof/Moon-Roof
✔ Dual Zone Climate Control and Rear Vents
✔ Only 10 Inches off the ground!
✔ Underfloor storage in the rear cargo area
✔ 4 cargo hooks for tying down Fido’s carrier


For more information head to: Quirk Subaru



2. 2016 Nissan Juke*


Large Rear Power Lift-gate
60/40 Split Fold-Down Rear Seats
Power sliding glass Moon-Roof with one-touch open/close and tilt feature
Cabin is on the smaller size
✔ Automatic Temperature Control
✔ Low Ride Height
✔ Rear Cargo In-Floor Storage
✔Equipped with 4 cargo hooks



Find out how to get yours at Quirk Nissan



3. 2016 Volkswagen Toureg



✔Hands-free Easy Open Lift-Gate
✔Electric seat release buttons*, located in cargo area, for 60/40 rear bench seat
✔Power Panoramic Sunroof
✔64 cu.ft. of cargo space with rear seats folded
✔Dual-zone automatic climate control
✔Low Ride Height
✔Equipped with 4 Cargo Hooks in rear
✔Optional dog barrier


Fall in love at:Quirk Volkswagen NH or Quirk Volkswagen MA




4. 2016 Kia Sorento

kia sorento


✔Smart Power Rear Lift-Gate
✔2nd-Row Seats 40/20/40 Split-Folding, Folding 3rd-Row Seats 50/50 Split
✔Panoramic Sunroof with power sunshade
✔Airy Cabin
✔Rear Air Conditioning
✔Low Ride Height
✔Under-Rear-Cargo-Storage Compartment
✔4+ cargo hooks


For more information roll on over to Quirk KIA NH or Quirk KIA MA




5. 2016 Ford Edge

ford edge


✔Hands free Rear Lift-Gate
✔Split Folding Rear Seat
✔Power Moon-Roof and Panoramic Vista Roof
✔Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Controls
✔Low Ride Height
✔Equipped with 4 cargo hooks
✔Airy Cabin



Get on over to Quirk Ford for more information today!




6. 2015 Jeep Compass

2016 Jeep® Cherokee Limited


✔Hands free Lift-Gate
✔Rear 60/40 folding seat
✔Power Express Open / Close Sunroof
✔Cargo capacity is 53.6 Cubic Feet Cargo Space
✔Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Controls
✔Average SUV height
✔Flat Load Floor Storage
✔4 cargo hooks
✔Optional collapsible pet kennel


Head to Quirk Jeep to get yours today!




 7. 2016 Dodge Journey



✔Power Rear Lift-Gate
✔Rear and Passenger Flat Folding Seats
✔Power Sunroof
✔67 cubic feet of cargo space
✔Three Zone Climate Control
✔Average SUV Height
✔Cargo Area in floor Storage, Second-row in floor storage, and front-passenger in-seat storage
✔5 cargo hooks


Come to Quirk Dodge for your Journey today!




8. 2016 Buick Envision

buick envision


✔Power Lift-Gate Hands-Free and programmable
✔1-touch Flat-Folding Seats
✔Panoramic Sliding Moon-Roof
✔62 Cubic Feet of Cargo Space
✔Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control
✔Low Ride Height
✔Rear Floor Cargo Storage compartments
✔4 cargo hooks


Don’t just Envision, get yours today at Quirk Buick!




9. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica 

2017 Chrysler Pacifica


✔Hands-Free Power Lift-Gate and Side Doors
✔Stow’N Go-2nd and 3rd row seats fold down
✔Tri-Pane Power Panoramic Sunroof
✔197 cubic feet of cargo space
✔Multi-Zone A/C and Heating
✔Low Ride Height
✔Storage in 2nd and 3rd row cargo bins
✔4 cargo hooks

Additional: Equipped with Stow N’ Vac integrated vacuum.

It can’t hurt to look at Quirk Chrysler for more information!




10. 2016 GMC Acadia



✔Power Lift-Gate
✔Rear Seats Fold Flat, 2nd Row Slides Forward
✔Dual SkyScape 2 Panel Power sunroof
✔116.1 cubic feet of cargo space
✔Tri-Zone Climate Control
✔Underfloor Rear Cargo Compartments
✔4+ Cargo Hooks


Roll over to Quirk GMC today!




11. 2016 Chevy Traverse

chevy traverse


✔Power Lift-Gate
✔2nd and 3rd floor flat folding seats.
✔Dual SkyScape Sunroof
✔116.3 cubic feet of storage
✔Rear Climate Control
✔Rear Cargo Storage
✔4+ Cargo Hooks



Let’s take a trip to Quirk Chevy NH or Quirk Chevy MA and get you more information!




12. 2016 Mazda CX-9



✔Power Lift-Gate
✔60/40 split fold-down and reclining 2nd-row seats with tilt and slide 3rd-row access, 50/50 split fold-down 3rd-row seats
✔Power Sliding-Moon-Roof
✔71.2 cubic feet of cargo space
✔Three-zone automatic climate control with pollen filter
✔Low Ride Height
✔Cargo Area with Storage Boxes and Under Floor Storage
✔4+ cargo hooks


Take a peek at Quirk Mazda for details!


That’s our list, I hope you find the Fido-Friendly vehicle you’re looking for!

Please remember to always secure your animals in your car and never ever leave the dog alone in the car, especially on a hot day. A 70 degree day to us is 90+ in an enclosed vehicle. Your four-legged furry friends are family too, protect the ones you love!

*On AutoTraders List

Disclaimer: not all features are on every model, Premium models will come with all features.

Linked Models are specials at Quirk, These models may not include all features.


One thought on “Quirk’s 12 Fido-Friendly Vehicles

  1. We have the Buick Envision Premium with tri-zone climate control. The back seat passenger can control the rear seat air temperature or if our fidos are back there alone I can set the temperature and air high or low positions for best flow from the front screen.

    The rear seat is a 60/40 split that slides all the way forward to stop them from falling to the floor if I have to brake and slides back and the floor can be used for the older ones before jumping to the seat.

    Our Premium l 2.0T can be had for around $30K with with some heavy discounts ting this time of thr year deals or about $15,000 off MSRP.

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