Mazda Safety Technologies

Among Mazda’s top priorities is safety that encompasses not only the driver and passengers, but pedestrians and surrounding traffic. Mazda takes into account a multitude of factors when considering what safety features are best for their world-class vehicles. Throughout the entire line up, safety technologies are sure to impress, and may persuade your next car purchase in more ways than one. With assistance from collision avoidance systems, hazard alerts, and impact reduction it is a safe bet that your driving experience will be backed with the utmost confidence.

Mazda SUV Driving

Safety Features And Options

AFS (Adaptive Front-Lighting System)– Headlight focuses on direction of travel considering both steering and speed

HDC (High-Beam Control) – Automatically switches between high and low beams when oncoming traffic is present

ALH (Adaptive LED Headlights) – Quality LED headlights that allow for optimal visibility in low-light and nighttime driving

LAS (Lane-Keep Assist) – Aids in keeping vehicle centered in traffic lane to avoid lane departure

BSM (Blind-Spot Monitoring) – Utilizes radars to sense approaching traffic and alerts the driver of possible vehicle(s) in their blind spot

MRCC (Mazda Radar Cruise Control) – With the use of a radar, the vehicle calculates distance and speed to automatically create a safe driving space

HLA (Hill Launch Assist) – Allows the driver to switch their foot from the brake to the gas pedal without rolling backwards for a clean take-off

Mazda black dash

Hazard Perception and Protection

RVM (Rear Vehicle Monitoring) – Uses radar to detect distance of cars approaching from the rear and lets the driver know via alarm and warning lamp

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) – Most effective on straight roads where the vehicle will sense markings on the road and warn the driver of lane departure

ESS (The Emergency Signal System) – Enables hazard lights to flash when vehicle brakes at high speed to alert nearby drivers

FOW (Forwards Obstruction Warning) – Alerts driver if there is a car or obstacle fast approaching via alarm and visual alert to apply the brake

Mazda Driving on Track

Occupant protection

– Skyactiv-Body

– SRS Airbag System

– Seat belt with pretensioner and load limiter

– Front seat that mitigates shock to the neck

– Rear seat that prevents luggage from entering the cabin

– Impact-absorbing soft interior

– Anti-intrusion brake pedal

– Impact-absorbing steering system

– Isofix-compliant child seat anchor

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