Keeping Salt Off Of A Car

With the salt and snow on the road once again, the morning commute often involves checking the weather the night before to see how long it will take. But one thing that you don’t always check is the amount of time left until your car is taken by the deadly grips of oxidation caused by salt. It is not all bad, we do have a few tips and tricks to keep your car not only clean, but help prevent oxidation.

Car Wheel with Curb Damage

Serious Protection

Now there are a few steps you can take on the more extreme end of the spectrum. The first is to install preventive measures on the underneath the car such as undercoating. The basic premise behind undercoating is to provide a water-resistant barrier to prevent moisture from attacking the frame and causing oxidation. This is normally a job that you want to have done before the oxidation occurs and should be reapplied as suggested by the manufacturer.

Honda Civic With Damage to Rear Bumper

General Wash

One of the biggest problems with salt and sand is that it tends to sit and stay on the metal of your car. Although it may not seem bad on the paint, the salt is taking hold on the undercarriage and frame of the car. The best way I have found, besides moving to a climate where there is no salt or sand, is to keep a frequent wash schedule. The main idea is to make sure you get all the hard to reach spots where the salt and sand will sit. It is important to get the hard to reach spots that will not wash off when driving on a wet road.

2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

Paint Care

Once the car is clean, this is a perfect time to protect your paint, as the clear coat can oxidize in the winter. Similar to the undercoating, waxing and protective paint solutions are best applied before oxidation, and on a regular routine basis. Wax provides a water-resistant coating on top of the paint that prevents salt and water from sitting on the paint. It also can minimize the UV Rays from damaging the clear coat and wearing down the paint.

Honda Civic With Damage to Rear Bumper

End Note

Living in a snowy climate, the fact of snow and salt is something that we have to live with. And until they design a road treatment that does not rust away our vehicles, we have to take these steps to protect our investments.

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