How to Launch A Boat

How To Launch A Boat

With summer here, and warm weather upon us, boating season is in full effect! Now if you are new to boating or maybe just purchased a new truck, follow these quick tips to keep the boat afloat and your truck on dry land!

So, you got a truck and a boat. By the grace of god you have made it to the boat launch and now it’s showtime. Before you even think about putting the boat in, the key is in the preparation. Most boat launches are crowded and everyone wants to hit the water as soon as possible, so boat launch etiquette is crucial.

1966 Ford Bronco

The Plan

The first step to launching your boat is to make a plan. A simple pre launch checklist is to make sure the battery is charged, put the drain plug in, make sure all belongings are in the boat, and the rear straps are disconnect prior to putting the boat in. Everyone has a different plan, just make sure you have one.

1978 Ford Bronco

Setting Sail

Now that your boat is set to go and it is your turn to go down the launch, it’s go time. If you are launching with another person, have them in the captain’s seat and start to back the boat into the water. Once the boat starts to float, back the winch off and unhook the cable. From there start the boat, and dock it at the courtesy dock. Once the boat is in the water and running, pull the truck and trailer off the launch and park it in the designated area.

1980 Ford Bronco

Solo Rider

If you are launching alone, back the truck in so the boat is just starting to float, and put the truck in park and apply the parking brake. Go to the front of the boat and start to back off the winch off and jump on the boat. Once the boat is float, unhook the winch and start the boat up. Once again, bring the boat over to the courtesy dock and dock. Then head over to your truck and trailer and park, freeing the space at the launch.

After the boat is in the water, be mindful of space at the courtesy dock, and enjoy your day on the water!

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