Ford’s Moisture Sensing Seat Technology

Ford’s Moisture Sensing Seat Technology

Who has the newest tech? Who has the most innovative tech? Who has the most convenient tech? These are the questions that surround the automotive industry every day. It is a battle between auto manufacturers to come out with impressive technology that will excite consumers, and help them stand out from the crowd. The topic on the table today is heated/cooled seats. Heated seats have been around for years now and it is a great comfort for those crisp, winter days. A relatively simple technology but once you live with it, it becomes something you cannot live without. Cooled seats have been around a while as well and on a hot summer day, it is quite welcoming.

Ford has been working on the next new idea for heated/cooled seats. The combination is great but why not make it better? Make it smarter. Ford has developed a moisture detection aspect that will make temperature adjustments to better suit the ride. Let’s say it is a hot day, and well sweating is inevitable on those 90 degree summer days, so once the seat detects moisture is present the seat will adjust the airflow to allow the occupant to further enjoy their ride. How does the seat detect moisture? Does it have a mind of its own? Not quite, but it does have multiple liquid-permeable openings that give way for the moisture to be discovered by a liquid sensor. Think of it in the opposite way in the winter when it senses snowflakes on the seat. No one likes a wet seat and the new technology will quickly begin to warm the seat when that cool moisture is detected. In a way, you could consider it a “smart seat” that will provide the best cooling or heating option for the driver. It is a patented design so it will be interesting to see how other manufacturers may try to duplicate it.

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