The History Of The Ford Bronco

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History Of The Ford Bronco

With Ford officially announcing the return of the Bronco in 2020, we figured we would give a brief history on this iconic off roader! On From its humble beginnings to OJ’s joyride through SoCal, the Ford Bronco has made its mark on history.

On March 15th, Ford announced on their Facebook that they would be bringing back the Bronco to reclaim their name as the offroad king. This title is currently held by Jeep, but let’s just say Ford may give them a run for their money. From the 1960’s to the 1990’s, the Ford Bronco was a force to be reckoned with, and l have to be honest, I really wanted one!

1966 Ford Bronco

1st Generation

The first generation of the Bronco ran from 1966-1977, and it is amazing! Ford wanted to get into the offroad game which was currently dominated by International Harvester and Jeep. The Bronco came well equipped with 4 engine options ( 2.8L I6, 3.3L I6, 289 V8, and the 302 V8). It was also the available in three body styles, station wagon, roadster, and a pickup. The most iconic, in my opinion would have to be the roadster with no roof and a roll bar!

1978 Ford Bronco

2nd Generation

After its success, Ford decided to give the 1978 model year a massive face lift. Ford said goodbye to the straight six and gave the 1978-79 Bronco a 351 V8 and the 400 V8, you know for fuel economy… ! This generation was only offered in one body style, BUT Ford decided that it needed a removable hardtop. This basically made the car a must have for any teen summer movie which involved going to the beach with a bunch of friends! Underneath, the Bronco was basically a shortened F-100 pickup. This allowed for the massive potential for off road capability and modifications.

1980 Ford Bronco

3rd Generation

The third generation Bronco (1980-1986) was made mostly to coincide with the F-100 being turned into the F-150 we all know and love. It was also decided that only offering V8s wasn’t the best idea for the post Oil Crisis market. But unlike most manufactures, Ford decided to keep the full size feel and appearance while providing a more fuel efficient vehicle! Although it is technically a different vehicle, Ford started the Bronco II line to provide the market with a “Ultra” fuel efficient Bronco.

1987 Ford Bronco

4th Generation

Now, before we start, I love the this generation. It ran from 1987-1991, and similarly to the previous generations, got a facelift due to the F-150 changing. Starting in 1987, the Bronco did get some new features such as push button 4×4. But thankfully, this model still had a removable hardtop!

1994 Ford Bronco

5th Generation

Now, let’s get to the final generation of the 90’s. This had been made famous by one former NFL Star in a White 1994 Ford Bronco. The overfall facelift was again to promote more aerodynamic styling and safety features such as SRS Airbags. Another important feature was the introduction of crumple zones, which helps prevents serious injury during accidents. Unfortunately after the 1996 model year, Ford ceased production and left the world without Bronco for the first time in 30 years.

2020 Ford Bronco

Fords Big News

For years now, Ford has been teasing us with pictures of concept cars and the next new Bronco. But until yesterday, nothing has ever come to fruition. Ford posted a simple photo on their Facebook account with the caption “ In the 1960s we started an off-road phenomenon. The icon returns in 2020”. Looking at the photo and prior concept cars, we are not sure what to expect, but it looks promising. Lets just hope that it is offered with Ford’s Ecoboost and maybe some suspension goodies from the Raptor! Oh and we can’t forget about the removable hardtop, because what is a Ford Bronco without that open air feel!

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