Five Important Fall Maintenance Checks

It’s fall! It’s that time of year where the pumpkin spice is brought out, leaves are changing color, and football! We got you covered for the tailgate party but what about the vehicle that you’re using for said tailgate. It needs to be taken care off. Although we love the brisk air and the slight chill, in New England, the weather is unpredictable and could change at any moment to blistering cold and icy roads. Now is the time to start to prepare your vehicle for winter.

Following these 5 tips will make sure your car is running at full throttle as we tumble into winter.

1. replacing-car-batteryCheck your battery – Make sure the battery is clean and corrosion free. Also, if your battery is older than 3 years, you should replace it!

2. Look over your tires – check the tread depth (penny trick!), as well as uneven wear, bulges, and bald spots. You can take your car into any Quirk Service center for a wheel alignment or new tires. The cold weather is rough on tire pressure, so make sure you check to ensure your PMI is up at all times.

3. Brake check! You need to depend on your brakes, especially as the road gets ice and the weather gets rough. Come on in and have a Quirk service center look at your brake system including the linings, rotors, and drums.

10013518a_am0_489 4. Wiper blades – If your wiper blades are streaking, smearing, chattering, squeaking, or just making it impossible to see in general- they need to be changed. You should get wiper blades that are tough through ice! Also, add in windshield washer fluid that can go below freezing so it won’t freeze. It’s useless at that point.

5. HVAC – You depends on a comfortable cabin while driving and being able to defrost your windshield. Check to ensure your HVAC system is in check, that’s your heating, ventilations, and air conditioning. Come on into your nearest Quirk Service Center to have it all checked out.

That’s it for now! Also, call into our service centers and they will help you remember all that needs to be done and will assist you in scheduling an appointment. Our trained service professionals will get that car ready for even the harshest of New England weather!

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