Why To Avoid Deep Water

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Why Not To Drive Though Deep Water

Whether it’s a bad rainstorm or your GPS tells you to turn into a lake, it’s never a good idea to drive into deep water. In this blog, we’ll point out a few reasons why it can be dangerous to you as well as your car.

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The Basics

Ok, let’s start with the basic understanding of how a modern motor works. The workings of a car motor may seem complicated, but it’s rather simple. Air gets sucked into the engine via the air intake, mixes with gas vapor, and is ignited by the spark plugs to fire the engine.

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Air Intake

On most modern cars, the air intake is rather low on the car, sometimes even in the lowest part of the grill. Due to its location, it is rather easy for the intake to suck up water when driving through a deep puddle. In normal everyday driving, this will not be an issue. When water is sucked into the engine, it will try to mix with the gas vapor, but water does not compress like air does and thus cannot fire as normal. The piston cannot operate properly with water in the fuel mixture and causes great stress on internal engine components. On a really bad day, this can hydro lock the engine causing it to seize and destroy the motor.

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Electircal Gremlins

Another reason to never drive through water is the electronics in your car. Due to most cars having a large amount of electronics to power things such as radio, seats, or even main engine harnesses, water can cause havoc. Although the car is designed to experience rain and some amounts of water, deep puddles are not suggested.

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Down The Road

Even if your car is not initially affected, water can cause hidden damage down the road. For example, moisture can slowly corrode wiring, metal, and hardware. This can cause mold, rust, and electrical issues long after the initial storm. If you do end up going through a deep puddle and cause damage, come down to any Quirk Dealer to have us look at it.

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