A Look Back At Mazda

Mazda has an interesting automotive history. Mazda has been producing innovation through decades of vision and determination to be the best. Lets take a look back at some of the milestones throughout the years. For instance, did you know Mazda’s first production vehicle was a three-wheel truck known as the Mazda-Go? Its true, the company actually started out producing machine tools for Japanese industries then shifted gears to automobiles when business began to slow down. Decades later Mazda has an extensive lineup of sedans and SUVs that are sure to meet demands of any family.

1960s Mazda White Cosmo


1960 – Mazda’s first two-door passenger car. A miniscule 16 hp engine achieving 75 MPG

1961 – B-series pickup trucks make it to market

1962 – Mazda’s first four-door passenger car shows up, the Carol 600

1963 – Mazda production reaches 1 million units

1965 – Mazda Proceed, Bongo, and Luce are added to the lineup

multi-pro tailgate two-piece tailgate


1970 – Capella RX-2 is introduced to the market

1971 – Mazda supplies Courier (small pickup) to Ford

1975 – Capella is redesigned and Cosmo debutes

1978 – Capella and Cosmo reach 1 million units sold

1980s Mazda RX-7 Racing with white, green


1985 – Rotary engines exceed 1.5 million units and redesigned Luce introduced

1986 – Units produced reaches 20 million units

1988 – Company is completely redesigned

1990s Mazda Black Sedan Wheel Turned


Production as a whole increases to more than 25 million units

1995 – Japanese produced passenger cars reaches 20 million units

1995 – First auto manufacturer to obtain ISO9001 certification

1996 – Mazda designates the famous Mazda “M” as its new symbol for all vehicles

2018 Mazda CX-5 City Driving


Mazda has a great lineup that encompasses everything the brand stands for including a selection of both sedans and SUVs.
Need a small sedan? The Mazda3 will deliver with amazing fuel economy and handling. Maybe something a bit bigger? The Mazda6 is the perfect full-size family car. Or maybe you demand a SUV that won’t let you down like the Mazda CX-5, CX-9, or even the compact Mazda CX-3. But if you’re really feeling sporty maybe you should direct your attention to the MX-5 Miata. Mazda has some of the smoothest and cleanest lines in the market making for a family of beautiful eye-catching automobiles.

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