8 Spring Car Cleaning Tips, Get You & Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

Spring is the time of year that everything is starting over. The flowers and the trees are in bloom, the grass is poking up from beneath the snow and slush and the birds are building their new nests for the year.

Many people view this season as the one to get rid of old things and clean the things they still need. Spring cleaning is very common in people’s homes, but what about their cars?

Cars can get dirty inside and out throughout the year and especially during the winter months with all of the snow, salt, and cold weather. Spring is the perfect time to clean your car, inside and out!


Here are 8 tips to get the most out of your spring car cleaning brought to you by Quirk Auto Dealers:

  1. undercarriageFirst and most importantly, was the undercarriage of your vehicle! Scrub all of that salt off of the body of your car before it starts eating away at the underneath of your car. 
  2. Check your tire pressure. With the temperatures dropping into the single digits this winter you may have lost or gained extra pressure. Checking your tire pressure is something that you should continue to do throughout the spring, we know that here in New England the temperatures can vary greatly from day to day and this can impact the amount of pressure inside of your tires.
  3. checking oilCheck your fluids! We all know that we tend to use extra windshield washer fluid during the winter to wash off the salt and slush that the car in front of us always manages to fling onto our windshield, but now it is time to refill before the pollen starts coming out! Also check your brake fluid, trying to stop on a dime in the snow, you may have used your brakes a bit more than usual, and you even may have felt your anti-lock brakes kick on a few times. You are going to want to check to make sure you still have plenty of brake fluid left to get you through the rest of the year.
  4. Was your vehicle, or if you would rather, bring it to a car wash. Get it nice and shiny now that the salt is off of the roads. But keep in mind, even if you bricar washng your car to get washed, it is still very important that YOU take the time to scrub the undercarriage; many places that you will take it for a wash do not do so, and even if they try to they will not be able to get as much gunk off as you will.
  5. Empty everything out of your car! I know, winter’s cold, and many of us just keep adding to the piles in our car because it is too cold to make more than one trip inside. Now that it is nice out, it is the time to empty everything out and find things that you forgot you had.
  6.  Once everything is out, clean the inside of your vehicle. I’m not talking about a light vacuum, I mean clean everything. Wash the insides of your windows, dust and wash your dashboard. Make sure when you do vacuum that you get under your seats and in between your seats and the center console. Make your vehicle look new again! (For more tips on cleaning the inside of your car, checkAmorAll out this article.)
  7. Add a trash bin! Now that the inside of your car is spotless, and you have put or thrown away all of the hidden treasures that you have found it is time to make sure your car stays nice and tidy. I would recommend putting a small pin or bag somewhere in reaching distance of the driver’s seat so you have somewhere to put the trash that will accumulate. A bin in the trunk so you have someplace to put the layers that you are guaranteed to shed throughout the day (this bins serves as a laundry basket for your car). And lastly, throw in a bottle of ArmorAll wipes for your dash, you will thank me for this one once that yellow pollen starts covering EVERYTHING!
  8. Summer Car emergency KitMake and add your Summer Car Emergency Kit to your trunk! Finally, now that your car is clean and equipped to stay that way, it is time to get prepared for summer. How I suggest doing so is by grabbing a bin and adding summer essentials to it. My summer emergency bin has a towel, an old blanket, a camping chair, sunblock, bug spray, an extra pair of sunglasses, a spare bathing suit, a bottle/wine opener, a flashlight, ibuprofen, a football or soccer ball, and other miscellaneous things. You should personalize your summer emergency kit to your specific needs. (This summer emergency kit is NOT to be confused with your actual emergency kit and your first aid kit, both of which you should also have in your vehicle at all times!)


Hopefully by this point your car will be or at least you will know how to get your vehicle clean and ready for summer. I hope everyone finds at least one forgotten treasure in their car after cleaning it out and that anyone who implements some of the other ideas of things to keep handy in your car gets as much use out of them as I do!


If you need to schedule service for any reason, please visit Quirkcars.com and find our service center that is closest to you! PS: You can make an appointment online!


I am always open to improvements, so if you think of anything else that should be added to a summer emergency kit, please leave me a message below!


2 thoughts on “8 Spring Car Cleaning Tips, Get You & Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

  1. I’m trying to take better care of my car and prepare it for summer. I like the advice you give about checking your fluids such as your brakes and windshield wiper fluids. Another thing to consider is to get a car that has a warranty on it.

  2. This is some really good information about car care. It is good to know that you should get the undercarriage of the car. This is some really good information for me to know because I just got my first car. So, it is good that I need to have the bottom of my car washed.

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