6 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung…Well sort of. It’s buried under the remainder of snow here In New England, but it’s coming I promise! To prepare for spring, it’s time

1.Carpeting/ Upholstery

Winter is a dirty season! Salt, Sand, and Mud have been tracked through your car. Ensure that you pay special attention to the carpets- vacuum them with a shop vacuum or regular vacuum with an upholstery attachment. If you’ve got leather on your seats, a good wipe down with Armor-All will condition the seats and make them look like new!

2. The Windows

Let’s clear up those windows! They’ve been through a lot this winter. Make sure you clean the INSIDE as well as the outside.  Use an ammonia-free window cleaner and a soft microfiber towel. Also, speaking of windows- make sure that you replace your wiper blades!

3. Organize

I’m sure no one keeps their car absolutely spotless during the winter. With all the quick trips in and out, there is sure to be trash and other debris lying in your car. Throw it out! Also, take an extra minute to head into the trunk to inspect your spare tire, recheck the emergency kit, and take out anything you don’t need.

4. Exterior & Wheels

How’s the outside of the car looking? Dirty, I presume. Ensure that you give the car a good wash down. Wipe down inside the door frame (always forgotten) and all the other nook and crannies to give a deep clean. Also, give a little extra love to your each and every wheel!  Remove the hub caps and give them a good wash down. Also, scrub each tire and the wheel wells thoroughly so you can make them shine!

5. Waxing

You got the car all clean, now you have to finish the job!  Make sure you add a coat of wax to the freshly washed paint to help protect the paint that you just worked so hard to get clean.  Ensure that you don’t wax the car in the direct sunlight!


6. Under the hood

Now since the outside of the car is all clean, as well as the inside, you’re just missing one place- under the hood! Leaves and other debris could have made your engine its home. Just wipe down the edges and clear out the debris and you’re good to go.

That’s it! Now, revel in the fact that your car looks like you just drove it off the lot!

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