6 Tips to Cool Down Your Sizzling Summer

Summer is coming! Finally! Temperatures are rising so you need to be prepared when you’re driving your vehicle around. Take a peice or all of the advice below to ensure that your summer keeps cool and keep rolling.

Feel like you’re in a sauna when you get inside?

To get the temperature down in your vehicle really fast- roll down the windows and put the air on blast as you drive. It’ll push the air out and cool the car down faster. When you feel the cold air from your A/C just roll those windows backup.


But my a/c doesn’t work.

Oooh. that can be rough when it’s 80 degrees outside. Stop by Walmart and grab a solar powered car fan that can be mounted in an open window. It is completely solar powered and keeps your parked car cool. Unfortunately, if you have tinted windows this product will not work for you.

The heat is making my car stink!

Well, if you need to stop the smell in a pinch. You can tape a dryer sheet over the vent and your car will smell like a fresh load of laundry. If you have some more time, you can vacuum and wash the interior!



Great, totally just burned my hands on the wheel.

There are some easy options here: you can buy a cheap steering wheel cover that’s fabric, that’ll stay way cooler in the heat OR you can buy some drive gloves.

The direct sunlight is fading my interior.

Painted things are just like skin- if left in the sun, they will fade or get damaged. When you are able, try to park in the shade or direct sunlight. You can also purchase a sunshade- they’re incredibly cheap and they will provide the shade your car needs!


Keeping your tires rolling!

Tires are prone to blowing out due to the hot weather and increasing temperature of the asphalt. If you don’t keep the proper PSI, it could be dangerous. Underinflated tires are most at risk, since the lack of air pressure puts the tires’ components under increased strain; but overinflated ones are more likely to hydroplane during rain.


You’re now on your way to having a much cooler summer!

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