5 Must-Do Road Trip Preparations


You’re going on a summer road trip! WOO! You’ve got yourself all packed, the tickets are bought, itinerary is made, and you prepared your car.

Wait… you did prepare your car for the long haul right?

It’s important to make sure that, not only are you and your family ready, but the vehicle you are traveling in is prepared too!



Here are the 5 things you need to do to your car before you go on a road trip:

1.Check tire pressure and fill if needed. Proper PSI is important- you will get the most MPG, will not get any uneven wear on your tires, and you will avoid the risk of tearing the tire which will pump the brakes on your trip.

2. Check your fluids. You need to check your oil and make sure there is enough and it isn’t dirty, top off your windshield wiper fluid, and ensure proper amounts of transmission and power steering fluid.

3. Clean your windshield and windows. It will help with the sun or headlight glare and you’ll also be able to see clearly out of them! Also, change your wipers if they are skipping, chattering, or smearing so they will actually do their job when you need them.

4. Adjust the mirrors. You need to be able to see other vehicles, especially on the highway. Also, if you over packed the car and can’t see out of the rear view mirror, it’s imperative you get the most of out of the remaining two mirrors.

5. Coolant flush. If you haven’t had your coolant flushed in awhile. You’ll need to bring that in for service. Doing this will remove old fluid that has become corrosive and replace it with fresh, clean fluid that restores the effectiveness of your cooling system. 


After completing this list, and topping off the gas tank, you’re off and away on your trip. Have a good time and do’t forget your sunscreen! 

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