Warning Lights on Your Dash

The Lights on the Dash

It’s never a good day when a light appears on your dashboard, but some may not be a cause for concern. We have done our research and have compiled the lights and causes you may see in your own car.

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Engine Temp Light

The engine temp light can come on when your car is running to hot. There may be a few causes but this is definitely not a light you should ignore. One cause may be low coolant causing the engine to overheat. To fix this, let the car cool down and refill with coolant. It is extremely important you let the car cool down and the coolant is under pressure and cause serious harm to you if done incorrectly. Another cause may be a bad component in the cooling system. Either way, get your car checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible.

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Check Engine Light

This is probably the most vague warning light and has a million causes to turn on. When this light turns on, it is best to bring it into a mechanic and have them run the codes on the car to check the cause.

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Oil Pressure Light

Changing your oil in your car regularly is vital to the cars health, but have oil pressure is even more vital. When this light turns on, it is best to shut the car of as soon as possible and evaluate the situation. One quick thing to do is to check the oil level in the car. An oil pressure light can turn on due to low oil. If the oil level looks fine, there may be a larger problem at hand and it may be time to call a tow truck. Driving with low oil pressure can cause major damage to an engine.

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Tire Pressure Light

Most modern cars are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to help keep your tires properly inflated. If this light comes on, it is best to do a visual check of the tires and check inflation. Often times, a tire will lose pressure due to a puncture of crack in the wheel. If the tires look ok, double check and inflate them to the proper PSI. If the light returns a few days after re inflating, it is time to go to a mechanic to have them do a proper evaluation on your tires. FYI, don’t forget to check the spare tire and they can also set off a Tire Pressure Light.

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Traction Control

In order to help keep your car under control, cars are equipped with a Traction Control system. Depending on the car, the system functions in a variety of ways but the light can mean the same thing. If you are driving and it flashes, chances are the system is actively working to control the vehicle. Some cars also provide drivers with the ability to disable to the system, which will result in the light staying on. However, if the light is on and you did not disable the system, it may be warning you that there is a problem with the system. If this is the case, check with you mechanic.

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ABS Light

This is similar to the Traction Control light, and can illuminate when in use. However, if the light stays on, it is warning you that there is a fault in the system and needs to be serviced.

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Battery Light

This is one of the simpler warning lights to fix, but can be costly. If your battery light turns on, chances are your battery may need to be replaced. The easiest way to check is to bring it to a mechanic and they can test the overall health of the battery. Replacing your battery can be expensive, but it is a lot better than getting stranded with a dead car.

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Fog Lights

This light does not require immediate attention or warning you that there is a problem with your car. It simple turns on when the fog lights are turned on.

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Air Bag Light

When you first start your car, the airbag light should illuminate informing the driver that the system is active. If the light stays on, then it is time to visit the mechanic to get the system checked out.

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Low Fuel Light

This is more self explanatory than any other light, but we’ll still mention it. If the low fuel light is on, you are low on fuel. To fix this, stop and get fuel.

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Seat Belt Lights

This light is just a friendly reminder to put on your seat belt. Remember, seat belts save lives.

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