4×4 Day Recap

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Offroading Like A Master on National 4×4 Day

Spring is upon us, which can only mean a few things! One of which is warmer weather and another is the lack of snow. All of this is extremely favourable to offroading and putting it into 4×4! So get up from your desk, hop in your Jeep, and hit the trails! In order to help you out today, we have compiled some useful tips and tricks to keep you moving on the trail!

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A lot of the advice we have received over the years is to simply “trust your gut”. Often, if you think an obstacle is too extreme, and you get that feeling that you should bypass it, just bypass it. One big reason to trust your gut is simple, you have to drive the vehicle out of the woods, can’t do that when it’s on its roof!

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Buddy System

Another big tip I have always heard is to bring a buddy. Going off into the woods alone is never a good idea, especially if you are going to be testing the limits of your vehicle. The best practice is to go with at least one friend, bring a tow rope or winch, and let someone who isn’t with you your plans for the day. Be sure to give a return time and location so they can start looking if you get stuck.

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Your Equipment

The next tip is to know your equipment. This may sound obvious, but knowing the limits and abilities of your vehicle can help prevent going into an obstacle wrong and getting stuck or damaging your vehicle.

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The whole point of offroading is to have fun, so go out and have some fun! Be sure to use your head, bring the right equipment, and stay on the trail! Happy National 4×4 Day and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to share your photos!

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