30 Stocking Stuffers for your Gear Head

Stocking Stuffers for Gearheads

30 Stocking Stuffers for Gearheads

Road trips, car karaoke, and morning commute are the average person’s relationship with their cars. But if you know any gear heads, you’re well aware they know every single inch of their vehicle. It’s christmas and now you have to shop for them! But what to get them?! Don’t worry. We have 30 Small Gifts you can stuff a stocking with!

1. All In One Power Inverter: It does it all, Charge a laptop and your phone all in one!
2. Sweet Air Freshners: can’t go wrong with the classic tree to help keep the car smelling fresh.
3. Gas Cards: Can’t go wrong with giving gas cards. Your loved ones needs to get that car from A-B!
4. Tire Pressure Gauge: It’s an important tool to have and super cheap!
5. Phone Dash mount : Help your loved ones be Hands-Free!
6. Replacement Fuses: Fuses help keep your car running smoothly. Always make sure to have extra!
7. Sunglasses: You know you take glasses out of a car, get your friend something that they can keep in their car!
8. First Aid Kit: You never know when you need a little first aid kit!
9 Wipers: Wipers need to be changed every 6 months as it is. But what if one breaks? Your family should have backups.
10. Window Punch: In case of the most unfortunate of circumstances, we need to make sure that your loved ones have the tools to get out in case of an emergency.
11.Safety Whistle: If you need to be heard, this will do it!
12. Magnetic Phone Mount: Hands-free and has multiple uses!
13. Mini Trash Can: Help your loved one keep their car a little bit cleaner, especially if you’ll be riding in it.
14. Window Wipes: For those who do nose art and finger art all over the windows.
15. Radio Bluetooth Transmitter: For those of us not in the 21st century!
16.Aux Cord: A long one, so anyone can be DJ from anywhere in the car.
17.Flashlight: A tool everyone should have in their vehicle!
18. Ice Scraper: New England weather is a doozy!
19. Tool Kit: A small one just in case things happen!
20. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths :To help prevent scratches when keeping the second biggest purchase of your life clean.
21. Car Wax: Cars need to have their top coat protected.
22. Fuzzy Dice: Who doesn’t love a set of Fuzzy Dice hanging from their windows?
23. Car Decals: Celebrate who they are and what they love! Whether it be sports, their kids, or their fur children!
24. Carabiners: These are great to act as key chains or in case of emergency.
25. Jumper Cables: A good set of jumper cables are absolutely essential to be in a car.
26. Multi-Tool: easily do multiple things (wink)
27. AAA Card: They are a membership that will help with cheap towing, jumping, tire changes and more!
28. Seat Gap Filler: Everyone hates when you drop something into the nowhere zone. Help prevent that with a seat gap filler!
29. Charger Line Clips: Keeping the cords organized in the car is a task.
30. Funnel Set: Replacing fluids in the car is a task without funnels! Help your gearhead be able to do it quickly.

That’s it! We hope this makes your christmas shopping a little bit easier!

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