2019 Volkswagen Arteon

There is soon to be a new name at your Volkswagen dealership, and it is Arteon. This sporty sedan is that the US Market has desperately been waiting for! With the disappearance on the CC in 2017, we have been waiting for VW to bring back the slanted roof lines and low stance to the market. So what is the Arteon and when are we expecting to see it on our lots?

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Headlight

What Is it?

As of now, the Arteon is not available for US market, but we are getting them soon! They are built in Germany and have been on the road there for over a year now, and people love them! Now one thing to mention is the VW Arteon will be built on a global platform, which means that the Arteon will be available in the same forms across the global market.

2019 Jetta Digital Display

Comfort Is Key

With this being VWs new flagship car, no expense or technology was spared! For example, the driver’s seat comes with a 4 way lumbar massage. And with features such as a full LED display dash, the Arteon is a truly futuristic vehicle. The Arteon is also packed with an an amazing infotainment center, feature gesture control, HUD, premium sound, and ambient lighting controls.

2019 Jetta

Safety First

VW also went above and beyond with the safety features. The Arteon comes with,

– Adaptive Cruise Control w/ Predictive Cruise Control

– Advanced Dynamic Cornering Light

– Adaptive Chassis Control DDC

– Blind Spot Detection

– Proactive Occupant Protection System

The 2019 VW Arteon

So, are you excited to see the new Arteon? Coming within the next month they will start arriving at Quirk Volkswagen in Manchester NH along with Quirk Volkswagen in Braintree Mass.

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