20 Notoriously Haunted Places in MA and NH

It’s that time of year. All of you novice ghost hunters are probably looking for some places to investigate and get your paranormal fix. You can find the full list here but these are the ones closest to Manchester and Boston and most active.

Please make sure you get permission to investigate any of these properties. Many either are businesses or are guarded by police/security. Trespassers can be prosecuted. While at these properties ensure you are respectful and clean up anything you bring with you.


10 Places Near Manchester

1. Old State Mental Hospital – Concord, NH

Built in the 1840’s, this hospital has been used a mental ward. The original buildings are still preserved and active. There are footsteps, elevators on their own, papers being moved, cold spots…etc

2.Hesser College – Manchester, NH

A young boy bounces his ball around the third and fourth floors and, upon investigation, the boy disappears and the bouncing ball sound vanishes.

3.Saint Anselm College – Manchester, NH

A monk is seen wandering the halls around 3 am during the school year. You can see the lights turn on as he moves down the hallway. The bell tower is also known to have a monk wandering around.

4.Palace Theatre
– Manchester, NH’

There i84-168palace_theatre-1s a female apparition appears on the stage often. There has also been objects moving, doors slamming, and figures in the fly spaces.

5.Youth Detention Center Abandoned Building – Manchester, NH

There is a small, completely boarded up building, set back in the woods on the property. Sources say you can hear voices coming from the basement.

6.Gilson Road Cemetery – Nashua, NH

There are many sightings and experiences associated with this property. There are apparitions, feelings of “wading” through water, voices, cold spots…etc.

7.Indian Rock Road Cemetery  (Blood House) – Nashua, NH

Legend says there was a home built next to the cemetery. The whole family was killed during a burglary and a young boy ran to the street for help but was shot in the back. People say you can see a child waving down cars at night.

8.Country Tavern –  Nashua, NH
Elizabeth Ford was murdered by her husband when he figured out that she had an affair and was pregnant. He buried his wife and the baby on the grounds and Elizabeth now spends her time looking for the child. 

9.Hampton Beach (Island Path Road) –  Hampton, NHGilson Road Cemetary

In the late 1600’s a witch hunt for Eunece Cole occurred. Legend says she cursed a bunch of mariners and their boat sank. She was convicted of witchcraft but was not executed. She died of natural causes in her home, but they buried her with a stake in her heart. There are apparitions, lights flickering, and cats disappearing.

10.Mark H. Wentworth Home for the chronically invalid – Portsmouth, NH

Now a home for the elderly. It also see seems to be full of pleasant spirits. There are objects moving, sounds, doors opening and closing, and apparitions. Many staff members will not venture into the old wing.


10 Places in Massachusetts

1.Boston Common – Boston, MA

Sources say there are two 19th century women who smile at people but will disappear when approached.

2.Boston Conservatory Dorms – Boston, MAFort Warren, Boston, MA

It has been said that there are slamming doors, disembodied voices, doors moving on their own…etc

3.Boston Fort Warren – Boston, MA

Believed to be haunted by Lt. Andrew Lanier’s wife. Lt. Lanier was confined as a prisoner there. His wife tried to help him escape, but he was killed, and she was hanged. It’s reported that you can hear a gunshot followed by a scream.

4.Parker House – Boston, MA

Reports from employees have stated that doors open and close, lights turn on and off, and there have been apparitions seen.

5.Patriot Cinema – Salem, MA

There are apparitions, smells of cigarette smoke in isolated areas, and lights flipping on and off without any explanation.

6.Salem Jail – Salem, MA

Sources say that the spirits of the prisoners are pretty active there.Salem, MA

7.Salem State College – Salem, MA

Bowditch Hall Room 222 is haunted by 3 roommates that were murdered. Also, Mainstage Auditorium is haunted by a teenager who fell through the ceiling of the auditorium after sneaking in and died.

8.St. Mary’s Cemetery – Salem, MA

There are reports of strange noises, light orbs, a “heavy feeling”, and other experience.

9.The Hawthorne Hotel – Salem, MA

The elevator is believed to be haunted by potentially the operator. The 6th floor is haunted as well, probably due to the double murder over a lover’s quarrel.

10. Gallows Hill – Salem, MA

The witches were hung there during the Salem witch trials and people claim they have experiences on the hill.   

Happy Hunting!   

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