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Ford F-Series are arguably the toughest trucks on the market today and still getting stronger. There are many manufacturers that claim that they are #1, but the numbers don’t lie and the F-Series delivers. Ford produces trucks on a number of platforms from light duty to heavy duty for work or play. You can rely on Ford trucks for the most demanding tasks.


It all started back on July 27 in 1917, when the first Ford truck rolled off the assembly line. The truck was known as the Ford Model TT and based off the Model T car. Of course being a truck, Ford produced the Model TT with a reinforced chassis and heavy duty rear axle. Surprisingly this truck was rated as one ton. The truck was introduced mainly to target farmers and their demanding work.


Ford model trucks have come a long way in 100 years, from the farm based one ton work truck to the luxurious Platinum Edition F-250 with a tow capacity of 12,500 lbs. These remarkable trucks certainly have had a hand in building America and helping companies thrive for nearly a century. These are the types of trucks that have gained respect of even the most hardcore truck owners. Simply put, these industry leaders speak for themselves.

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Ford has produced hundreds of thousands model trucks since the first one was produced in 1917. Ford produces four models of consumer pickups in addition to their commercial line of heavy duty trucks. The consumer models include the F-150, F-250, F-350 with a number of submodels and editions. The heavy duty lineup is comprised of F-550-F750 in addition to chassis cab trucks with the option to choose from a plethora of body types. Curious to see what you can do with our commercial vehicles? Click HERE


The possibilities are endless with these American workhorses. Whether you want to tow, haul, or play you will not be disappointed in their ability to perform. You need to tow a camper to your favorite summer destination with the family? Not a problem. You own a small business and need plow trucks that will keep you going through the winter? Yup, you found the right one. Ford F-Series. Built Ford Tough.

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