10 Cool Christmas Gifts for Your Car

Christmas is coming, along with a variety of holidays where we share gifts! Now one member of your family you might forget to get a gift for, is your car! Spoil your vehicle with one of these 10 cool gifts.


1. All-Weather Floor Matsweather-mats

Although you remind them time and time again, the kids and your friends never kick the snow off their feet before getting into the car. Protect your floors with some all weather floor mats!

Never lose anything ever 2. Tile!

You’ve probably lost something- keys, phone, wallet – and couldn’t remember the last place you put them. Tile helps you locate your missing items. Plus, there is an entire community of tile owners, so you’ll find your missing item really quickly.


3. Splash Guard or Mud Flapssplash-guard

You can’t completely make it through the winter unscathed. But this will help keep the dirt and grime in the wheel wells where it belongs.


4. DVD Entertainment Center

Keep the kiddos entertained on long trips with a DVD player. Also, maybe you can shorten some bathroom stops, if you can’t herd the kids back to the car with, “Let’s find out what happens to Mr. Otter and Bunny cop!” I don’t know what will. Plus, who doesn’t love silence?

 5. Bluetooth Systemblutooth

Being handsfree is really important while in the vehicle. If you could go completely hands-free, why wouldn’t you.  You can’t have two hands on the wheel, if one of them is holding a phone.

back-up-camera6. Portable back-up camera

Some of your cars don’t have back-up cameras, so why not get a portable one. Best part? You can move it if you get a new car or you have a trailer! What’s better than that?


7. Heads- up displaycaptureh

The display projects all the information the driver needs right onto the windshield. Why keep looking down when you can keep your head up?

car-organizer8. Food and Fun Car Organizer

This isn’t just for the kids (but should totally be used for them), it’s an awesome cooler that is also fun storage, and can be used as a table. Throw it between the buc
ket seats in the second row, or between the children so they don’t fight and you’re all set for a road trip, or just general storage!

9. Cup outletoutlet-cup

Ever just need an outlet in the car? I know USB is really convenient, but sometimes you just need an outlet for charging a laptop, a phone, or anything! This awesome double outlet cup plugs right into the usb port and can sit in one of your cup holders.


capture10. Car Seat Gap Filler

Ever dropped anything into the Carmuda Triangle? Yep. Me too. And your hands can’t fit there, so you’re moving the seat, trying to dig whatever it is out with your scraper, or you just abandon all hope. Why not just fill the gap and prevent it from ever happening again? Pick up the Car Seat Gap Filler!




There you have it, 10 Cool Christmas Gifts for your car! Happy Shopping!

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